Wildflower Turf

Wildflower turf is very quick to establish, requires no further input in the way of fertiliser, if laid in the summer it might require a small amount of watering in but it is particularly drought tolerant and the dense root bed of the Wildflower Turf also acts as weed prevention, virtually impossible for weeds to penetrate.

Wildflower lawns are particularly important for bees during the hotter summer months. Just like humans, bees can quickly become too hot during a heatwave. Shady wildflower meadows are cooler than traditional lawns and offer much needed shade and feeding habitat in a harsher climate.

Wildflower meadows turn their back on pesticides, too. The single largest threat to bee life is the overuse of pesticides on farms and in gardens.


We recommend varieties of low-growing flora-rich wildflower turf which contain at least 90% wildflowers along with ornamental grasses. This type of turf makes for a fine perimeter around any flowering lawn and doesn’t require much maintenance, it also has a fragrant scent of colourful perennial flowers that attracts pollinators and other insects.

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