Wildflower Plug Plants for Biodiversity

As part of 4th Corner’s first ‘pocket project‘ with Orbit Homes, we have been planting wildflower plug plants to improve biodiversity and encourage pollinators.

Our Biodiversity Manager, Amanda Ransom, planted 50 wildflower plugs alongside the wildflower turf that we laid earlier this year, creating a larger habitat for pollinators in the area and encouraging biodiversity.

Our plug plants were sourced from Meadowmania, who have been supplying top-quality wildflower seeds for over 70 years.

How to Plant Plug Plants

Wildflower plugs are best planted between September and May, but not while the soil is dry, hard or frozen.

Before planting, the plugs should be watered and then removed from their individual cells. Any grass should then be cut very short and raked out to remove moss or thatch. Wildflower plugs should be planted at about five per square metre, with at least three plants of any one species near each other.

Once planted, keep the flowers watered during their first six weeks. The most common losses are caused by the plugs drying out just after planting.

After planting, when necessary, mow the areas of grass containing the plant plugs with mower blades set at a high setting – ideally around four inches. This stops the grass from growing too tall and covering the young wildflowers, allowing them enough light and warmth to build up a strong leaf and root system.

When they are established, stop mowing and let them continue to grow. They may need additional watering over summer if we experience particularly dry or hot weather.

Some species can go dormant over winter, meaning that the leaves die back. It can look as though the plant is dead, but there will be a well-established root system under the soil. Later in the spring they will begin to grow again.

4th Corner also provide bespoke Biodiversity Packs, and are experienced with planting native hedges, wildflower seeds and turf to improve biodiversity. For more information, contact our Biodiversity Manager at amanda@4thcorner.co.uk.

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