Supporting Guinness Customers


Our Customers at the Guinness Partnership have linked up with Winchcombe Rewilding Group (WRG) who are a voluntary group within the local community. The objective of Winchcombe Rewilding Group, is to rewild areas throughout Winchcombe in partnership with several organisations, including Tewkesbury Borough Council, Winchcombe Town Council, and Guinness.      Rewilding essentially means “a return to nature” to allow for the establishment of species such as bees, insects and butterflies that need pollinating plants to survive, followed by birds and hedgehogs, allowing them to thrive within the local community. Sadly, these species are currently in decline because of their natural habitats being taken away.

Our Customers Guinness provided permission for an area of land at the front of Summers Road to be used for rewilding, and 4th Corner were delighted to donate a selection of Wildflowers to WRG to support the project.

Horticultural Services