Reduce your Environmental Impact with New Biodegradable Tree Shelter

Biodegradable Tree Shelter

4th Corner are delighted to offer the world’s first real soil biodegradable tree shelter to our clients across the Midlands and South of England.

Tree planting is not just about how many trees are planted, but how many of these trees survive. Tree shelters play an essential role in establishing trees and ensuring higher survival rates.

We were visited by Green-Tech in June and given a first look at Rainbow Terra’s newest product. Made of plant resin and recycled British wood, their tree shelter is a natural solution for the protection of trees and vines against mice, voles, rabbits, hares, and deer. It is entirely plastic-free and non-toxic to the environment, with a service life of around 5 years.

The Rainbow Terra tree shelter is certified Soil Biodegradable by the renowned TUV organisation. It is the first and only tree shelter that biodegrades in any type of environment, including soil, freshwater, and oceans. Wherever it might end up, it will biodegrade and leave no waste or harm to the environment.

Moreover, its class-leading light transmission enables trees and vines to grow at a natural rate, rather than being drawn up the shelter too fast, leading to instability and snapping. Over time, the product becomes thinner as it biodegrades and loses its tensile strength, enabling the tree to break free, with the flared rim minimizing stem abrasion.

Biodegradable Tree Shelter

In line with our environmental and biodiversity commitments, 4th Corner are excited to be leading the switch to biodegradable materials in the landscaping industry. Having the ISO-14001 Environmental Management System enables us to comply with stringent environmental laws and regulations.

For over ten years, we have made planting for biodiversity a central theme in our landscaping projects. We are thrilled to be able to add Rainbow Terra’s biodegradable tree shelter to the selection of products we offer our clients to improve the sustainability of their sites.

To reduce your environmental impact please speak to Giorgo Daniel or Nick Oliver in our Soft Landscaping team to discuss using Rainbow Terra’s biodegradable tree shelter in your development.

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