Reduce your Carbon Footprint with DEFRA’s Woodland Creation Grants

Are you a farmer or landowner in England?

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) have announced new woodland creation grants, which are available to support tree planting projects of all shapes and sizes.

How it works

Planting trees benefits both your land and the wider environment. Trees improve air quality, while acting as a natural carbon sink. They absorb harmful gases and help to tackle climate change.

There are a range of options for tree planting that can be shaped around your needs and goals. Some grants support tree planting on as little as 0.1 hectares, while larger plots can create woodlands to be used for camping and other leisure activities. And, if you farm livestock, shelter belts provide shade, shelter, and selective grazing.

Depending on the size, type, and composition of your woodland, you might even be able to generate income by selling timber and other products.

By registering with the Woodland Carbon Code before you begin your tree planting project, you can also generate additional income through carbon credits. As your woodland grows, you can gain carbon units to offset your business’s carbon emissions, or sell them for as much as £30 per unit.

The Right Grant for you

DEFRA offer two main grants:

  1. The England Woodland Creation Offer (EWCO)
  2. Regional Woodland Creation Grants

The England Woodland Creation Offer

  • Administered by the Forestry Commission to plant a minimum of 1 hectare.
  • Covers standard capital costs of up to £10,200 per hectare.
  • Additional stackable payments of up to £8,000 per hectare.

Regional Woodland Creation Grants

  • Covers up to 100% of the costs of planning and planting on your farm.
  • Issued in select catchment areas and tailored to individual circumstances.

How can we Help?

We have extensive experience with planting trees, hedgerows and orchards across a variety of sites. We source all of our tree stock from our trusted suppliers who are essential to ensuring success.

Our established supply chain has passed the rigorous standards set out in our ISO9001 Quality Management documents. Many supply chain members have worked with us over several years, and are fully aware of the high standards that our clients require.

Woodland Creation Grants

Our aftercare and maintenance programme is essential to secure optimum plant growth and continues health. This might include herbicide applications, fence and guard maintenance, pruning and watering. 4th Corner provide reliable, cost-effective management for all planting schemes.

Our previous tree planting schemes include those at Kendrick Homes in Banbury, and Winchcombe Rewilding Group.

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