Outdoor Classrooms

At 4th Corner, we design and plant beautiful outdoor spaces for education and interaction. We work with our customers to create wildlife gardens, woodlands, orchard walks, sensory experience gardens, and kitchen gardens.

We can deliver a range of landscaping options;

Early Years Gardens
Colour and Texture – natural ever-changing learning areas

Tree Planting – beautiful native trees planted to suit your location and soil type

Orchard Walks – fruit trees and landscaped areas for teaching and recreational use

Close Encounters – Specialist planting for biodiversity and sensory experience

Bespoke Garden Design
Young adults – Outdoor space for recreation & leisure

Our landscaping teams have accreditation to the Safe Contractor Scheme and we are members of the Association of Professional Landscapers and the British Association of Soft Landscape Industries.   

Our services include;

  • Ground Clearance
  • Garden and landscape design
  • Construction of soft landscaping schemes
  • Laying of pathways and steps
  • Pergola’s and wooden landscape structures
  • Planting of wildflower seed and laying of wildflower turf
  • Planting trees and hedging
  • Planting shrubs and flowers
  • Maintenance contracts

Creating and developing gardens and green space for schools and education is more important than ever.   

Improving Access to Greenspace

A new review from Public Health England for 2020 highlights new evidence of how good-quality green space can support the delivery of health, social, environmental and economic priorities, at a relatively low cost. This report supports the case for creating and maintaining quality green space, and ultimately improving the well-being of our local communities and educational establishments. We are very proud to be part of the solution and in a position to play a key role. 

4th Corner does research into publications such as this one by Public Health England in order to work in conjunction with these studies, and help people to create spaces whether large or small that will bring future generations and nature together, and help create a feeling of well-being and security.