New Banbury Town Council Contract has successful April start…

Banbury Town Council Contract

We are delighted to have started the grass cutting for Banbury Town Council as scheduled despite the necessary social distancing measures required for the Covid-19 pandemic.   Adam Collett, 4th Corner Senior Team Leader led his team to start the grass cutting and maintenance duties across the town for the first week of the contract.  The kit for this contract includes Kubota tractors and a Trimax SNAKE rotary mower – a premium cutting system that is used by groundskeepers for the maintenance of professional sports pitches and golf courses. 
The overall purpose of this Grounds Maintenance Contract is to provide clean, tidy and well-maintained green spaces and sites throughout Banbury that can improve year on year. The Council chose to employ an organisation that is committed to the same purpose as the Council with a strong focus on reducing the carbon footprint of grounds maintenance operations. 

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