More Trees, Please: Landscaping on an Industrial Scale

At 4th Corner, we understand that large industrial sites and warehouses have their own unique set of landscaping needs. They need their landscaping to be low maintenance, drought-tolerant, and, of course, to improve the visual impact of the landscape.

More Trees, Please

Trees help to balance the landscape by adding a vertical element to often long and horizontal factories, warehouses, and distribution centres.

Species such as Japanese maples, Blue Atlas cedars and Deodar cedars are great at casting interesting shadows against the buildings. Evergreen trees such as cedars also help to provide greenery and interest all year round, particularly against the often white or grey buildings.

Adding a pop of colour by using red twig dogwood or flowering trees can also help to brighten up the landscape.

Offer Entrance Appeal

First impressions always matter, so it’s crucial to pay attention to entrance landscaping.

Both driveways and pedestrian entrances are great places to put some impressive seasonal plants, and flowerbeds filled with colourful flowers help to entice those passing by.

Highlight Signage

Signage announces your company’s brand and welcomes visitors to your site, and good landscaping can make it hard to miss.

Including colour is crucial to impress visitors and improve visibility, but signage landscaping also has to be hard-wearing.

Layering plants around signage using trees, shrubs, perennials and ground cover, creates intriguing appeal to the site. Nepeta (or catmint) is hardy, drought-tolerant, and low maintenance, and blooms with deep lavender flowers all summer long.

Adding shrubs to each side of a sign makes it appear bigger, and gives it a greater impact.

Rodent Repellent

Rodent issues are common at industrial sites like warehouses.

Avoid dense ground covers near the building, which provide the perfect habitat for them to nest and tunnel.

Instead, use river rock or gravel to surround the building, or try woody perennials that are less dense than ground covers.

Keep up with Maintenance

Plenty of industrial sites have not been maintained or updated for decades.

Untrimmed trees will be overgrown and blocking site lines, causing important safety issues for industrial sites that often have frequent lorry deliveries and security vehicles patrolling the property.

It is crucial that the landscaping is maintained to avoid these problems. 4th Corner offer a grounds maintenance service, including mowing, strimming, hedge cutting and leaf clearance, to help with all of your maintenance needs.

Don’t Forget Drainage!

Landscaping on industrial parks often neglects drainage solutions.

A sloping site can encourage water to pool in lower areas, causing flooding around entrances. When water drains to a low spot near the building’s foundation, the building itself can be at risk of flooding.

Installing river rock can help to direct the water, or plant slopes with native plants and ground covers to break up the slope and slow the spread of water and soil.

A rain garden of deep-rooted native plants and grasses in a low area of the site will encourage water to soak slowly into the ground instead of flooding.

Create Parking Islands

It is easy for large industrial sites to look like large swathes of grey and asphalt.

Car parks need islands of greenery to break up these expanses. These plants should be drought-tolerant, and able to withstand being stepped on, blasted with car exhaust fumes, and piled with snow in the winter.

Instead of grass, use low-maintenance ground cover like creeping juniper or lirioope, a grass-like plant. They are hardy, inexpensive, will stand up to foot traffic, and offer a lush, grass-like feel.

Trees provide welcome shade for hot asphalt car parks. Native trees help pollinators, caterpillars and birds, so include them in car park islands.

Use Colour!

Colour always attracts attention and makes a property look well-looked-after.

Use a mixture of spring bulbs, striking petunias, and plants that turn shades of orange and red to create impressive colour all year round.

Evergreens, ornamental grasses and shrubs with unique forms offer winter interest.

Trust 4th Corner

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