Mental Health Awareness Week at 4th Corner

This Mental Health Awareness Week, 4th Corner are fighting to reduce the stigma around mental health in the workplace.

Our Director Amanda renewed her Mental Health First Aid Training in January with Every Mind Matters.

Mental Health events in the workplace are on the increase due to many factors. New figures published by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) show that days lost at work due to stress, anxiety or depression, are on the rise.

Having a greater understanding of mental health, and knowing what we can do to support our colleagues and employees, is pivotal in helping remove the stigma that may cause people to suffer in silence.

Mental Health Awareness Week at 4th Corner

Employees need to feel safe, secure, and supported within the workplace, regardless of a mental health diagnosis or not.

It is essential to recognise the early signs and symptoms of mental health illnesses and have the necessary skills to engage in a supportive, non-judgmental conversation with those who need it. With the right training, it is possible to have the knowledge and confidence to guide colleagues to the appropriate professional support.

At 4th Corner, we are proud to have put in place systems and processes to help remove the stigma that is associated with Mental Health, and in doing this we have also made steps to ensure that we are able to protect and support any of our staff who may have Mental Heath concerns.

Selected Senior Team Leaders, our HR Manager, Business Manager and Directors at 4th Corner, are now fully trained in Mental Health First Aid, making them Mental Health Ambassadors.

As a business we are striving to make Mental Health Awareness our responsibility,  creating a culture of care where there will always be someone to turn to, who will listen, and offer the right advice and support.

We are partners of Perennial, who offer a 24/7 telephone helpline and a health and wellbeing app that is free to download. Our staff and their family are able to access these resources by visiting the Perennial website.

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