Landscaping Without Petrol?

Whether by choice or by law, petrol-powered equipment is now becoming a thing of the past. Throughout the last decade, millions of homeowners have started purchasing battery-powered or manual garden tools instead of petrol-powered ones. In California, petrol-powered lawn equipment is being gradually phased out, and will be banned by next year, and other countries and states will, no doubt, follow.

There’s no doubt that reducing pollution and noise is beneficial, but is it possible to maintain the same standard of healthy grounds and gardens without petrol-powered tools?

Battery-Powered Lawn Equipment

Early renditions of rechargeable battery-powered mowers, blowers, trimmers and chainsaws were viewed as less powerful and more expensive. However, battery technology has vastly improved since then. Today’s lithium-iron rechargeable battery-powered equipment is an effective, cleaner, and quieter alternative to petrol.

Moreover, taking into account the ongoing costs of petrol and engine maintenance, the initial cost of battery-powered lawn equipment can equalise after a single season.

Robotic Lawn Mowers

The introduction of robotic lawn mowers could become the next revolution in lawn care. These programmable smart devices work in a similar way to robotic vacuums, using less power more efficiently.

Robotic mowers are able to mow the lawn at programmed times, so that the grass always looks its best. Not only does this save time, but the only manual work left to do is to trim the edges as needed!

Petrol free mower

No-Mow Areas

No-mow lawn spaces and natural landscape zones continue to grow in appeal as consumers seek alternatives to conventional lawns. Natural areas become micro-habitats for birds and other local wildlife, surrounding your home with green space.

For best results, these low-maintenance spaces still require some light manual work, such as seasonal mowing, weeding out invasive species, and light pruning.

Petrol-Free Gardening

Landscaping without petrol might require some adjustments, but these might not be as dramatic as you’d expect.

In the light of cleaner air and less noise, the future of landscape gardening looks brighter than ever!

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