Increasing Biodiversity in Schools

The Natural History Museum has joined forces with the Department for Education and the Royal Horticultural Society to deliver the National Education Nature Park and Climate Action Award Scheme in an attempt to increase biodiversity in schools.

The programme, funded by the Department for Education, invites schools to enhance biodiversity on their estate using a series of online resources and practical support, including planting a pollinator corridor, creating ponds and planting hedges to mitigate flooding in schoolgrounds.

A photo of the orchard created by 4th Corner for Sibford Gower Endowed Primary School
4th Corner created an orchard for Sibford Gower Endowed Primary School

For many children, a school garden may be their only touchpoint to nature, which provides a stimulating space for learning and development.

The Natural History Museum stated: “The partnership will deliver a comprehensive programme of support and resources for teachers in early years foundation stage, primary and secondary schools. We aim to work with the Department for Education (DfE) to provide grants to ensure that all schools can participate.”

The project aims not only to increase biodiversity and improve climate education in schools, but also to teach students to lead and manage their own Nature Park, modelled on National Parks and nature reserves as they take on the role of ecologists, grounds people and fundraisers.

A photo of the wildlife garden created for Frank Wise School in Banbury
4th Corner created a wildlife garden for Frank Wise School in Banbury

At 4th Corner, we believe that creating and developing gardens and green spaces for schools is more important than ever. We provide outdoor classrooms for schools, where we design and create beautiful outdoor spaces for education and interaction.  We work with our customers to create wildlife gardens, woodlands, orchard walks, sensory gardens and kitchen gardens.

The National Education Nature Park will be open to all schools in England. The partnership project will help to supercharge school gardening and empower the next generation.

Find out more about the National Education Nature Park and Climate Action Awards Scheme here.

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