Improving access to greenspace – a new review from Public Health England for 2020

Improving Access to Greenspace – A new review from Public Health England for 2020 highlights new evidence of how good-quality green space can support the delivery of health, social, environmental and economic priorities, at a relatively low cost. This report helps us to identify levers that are relevant to us locally and that can be used to build and support a case for creating and maintaining quality greenspaces, ultimately improving the well-being of our local communities. We are very proud to be part of the solution and in a position to play a key role. We will be using this new research to connect to existing and new customers and offer exciting opportunities create new greenspace and/or improve and maintain existing green space. Please do contact us to arrange for a free quotation to provide new green space in your local community, or for grounds maintenance work to improve and maintain public green space in your area.  

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