Training Day for Grounds Maintenance Staff

On Monday 19th June, our Soft Landscaping and Grounds Maintenance teams attended a kit maintenance training day, hosted by our Operations Manager, Graeme Makin.

This summer, 4th Corner have taken on a number of new staff to cover the busier season. Although they have had on-site training and inductions, we believe that nothing beats being preemptive and taking precautionary measures to ensure that our staff know what they’re doing on site!

By focusing on kit maintenance, our new staff will be trained to correct problems and solve issues with their machinery – something that can cost our teams a lot of time and money. If we look after our kit, it will look after us!

Graeme split the teams into three groups who were rotated between three stations, with each led by one of our Senior Team Leaders: kit maintenance led by Matthew Bolter, ride on mower training and maintenance led by Craig Jeffs, and trailer towing, led by Paddy Hulbard. Meanwhile, our Soft Landscaping Operations Leader, Nick Oliver, assisted with any extra training on strimming and hedge cutting.

Kit Maintenance Training Day
Kit Maintenance Training Day
Kit Maintenance Training Day

The teams were also trained on trailer towing, which many of our new members of staff did not previously feel confident with. As of December 2021, a trailer towing license is no longer required by law, but this doesn’t mean that it’s the same as driving without one! Our Senior Team Leaders focused on teaching their teams how to hitch up correctly, reversing and parking, as well as learning to load equipment safely on and off the trailer.

The result? Kalim and Ashley, both operatives who have joined 4th Corner in the past couple of months, are now confidently and safely taking a trailer out every other day.

Operations Manager Graeme reported: “A lot of knowledge was passed over and as a team we’re in a much better place. Special thanks go to Matthew, Paddy and Craig who were fantastic, and without them today wouldn’t have been a success!”

At 4th Corner, we believe that training and developing our staff is essential to both their and our success. We are so proud of our senior staff for passing on their knowledge and experience to the next generation of landscapers.

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