Grounds Maintenance: Dementia Active, Banbury

In December, 4th Corner’s Grounds Maintenance team completed a community project for Dementia Active in Banbury.

We cut down and removed overgrown shrubs and cleared a large bed of weeds in preparation for raised planters to be installed later next year. The areas were then leveled and Cotswold stone chippings laid to provide a clean finish. A greenhouse will be constructed next year to provide Dementia Active’s members with more space to garden.





Horticultural Therapy

Gardening has proven mental and physical health benefits, and has been shown to promote social relationships and connection, moderate stress, reduce feelings of depression and anxiety, and improve cognitive and educational outcomes. People who garden also experience a sense of achievement, satisfaction and pride from nurturing the plants, alongside increased confidence and self-esteem.

Horticultural therapy enables people to spend time outside, exercise and be creative. The social and physical health benefits of community gardening has been proven to delay dementia symptoms, as well as some psychological and psychiatric issues.



More on Dementia Active

Dementia Active are a charity based in Banbury, Oxfordshire, with an established track record in providing social activity groups for people who have been diagnosed with dementia.

Dementia is an illness which can isolate people from their friends and family. The value of spending time with others who share the same feelings cannot be overestimated.

They aim to create a sense of community where conversation is encouraged – both socially and in more structured reminiscence sessions.

Dementia Active’s group activities provide opportunities to be playful, where no member should feel apologetic or uncomfortable about not being able to do things which, in the past, would have been straightforward. The benefits of these activities include raised energy levels and improved cognition.

They offer a ride range of activities, including topical discussions, gentle exercise, dancing, and arts and crafts. A three course lunch is provided for all members, as well as refreshments throughout the sessions. Dementia Active also provide local transport to and from sessions for those who have no alternative travel arrangements.

To donate or volunteer for Dementia Active, visit their website here.

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