Grounds Maintenance: Biodiversity Pocket Project, Southam

4th Corner have recently completed our first biodiversity ‘pocket project’ with long-term customer Orbit Homes at Mayfield Road, Southam.

As part of the project, 4th Corner identified an under-utilised area of land at Mayfield Road, cut back trees and removed weeds and ivy, and planted native hedging along the fence line. Native hedging provides food, shelter and nesting places for birds, mammals and invertebrates, as well as capturing and storing carbon dioxide, and reducing levels of pollution.

We also laid wildflower turf in front of the hedge and planted wildflower plugs to increase the site’s biodiversity. Wildflowers are not only beautiful, but also play a crucial role in supporting our environment and its delicate ecosystems.



4th Corner worked with several new suppliers on this pocket project, including George Davies Turf. Their wildflower turf creates a beautiful looking eco-friendly habitat for wildlife and pollinators, and is ideal for building miniature meadows in small areas. Containing 27 different perennial and annual seeds, the turf will flower throughout the summer at a more successful rate than traditional methods of wildflower seeding.

Sourced from Meadowmania, the wildflower plugs contain a minimum of 10 species of native plants which are a great source of food for bees, butterflies and other pollinators. Meadowmania is a family-run business that has been supplying top-quality wildflower seeds for over 70 years. The plug plants are sourced from native seed and grown in the UK, and are an ideal way to boost biodiversity in a wildflower meadow and easily establish plants in areas where seed germination can be erratic.

Managing Director and Biodiversity Manager at 4th Corner, Amanda Ransom, stated: “Biodiversity implementation is for generations to come, and native hedges, native trees and wildflower plugs and turf will thrive if nurtured and protected. These projects are a long term vision,  to bring real impact to sites where green space is limited, but where the boundaries and smaller spaces create real opportunity for lasting improvements.

For inquiries concerning our biodiversity pocket projects, please contact our Biodiversity Manager at

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