Go Wild for Wildflowers: Biodiversity Initiatives at 4th Corner

Creating a wildflower meadow is a great way to improve the biodiversity of your site, reduce your carbon footprint and encourage more wildlife into your outdoor spaces.

At 4th Corner Landscaping, we offer both wildflower seed and turf for your biodiversity initiatives, but which is best for you?

Let’s Start with Wildflower Seed

Wildflower seed is a cost-effective and hassle-free solution to creating your wildflower meadow. Seed can be sown on poor quality soil, and is great for covering large areas.

An additional benefit of using wildflower seed is that you can choose a seed mix to suit your conditions and requirements.

Specialist wildflower seed mixes are available to appeal to different wildlife and pollinator species, with either annual or perennial varieties. Some wildflower mixes also include non-native and cultivated species, while others are native.

Go Wild for Wildflowers with 4th Corner

Most meadow seed mixes can be sown in early to mid-spring or early Autumn. On lighter soil, autumn-sown seeds will germinate and establish quickly, although some won’t come up until the following spring. If you have heavy soil which tends to stay wet and cold over winter, it is best to wait until spring to sow.

What about Wildflower Turf?

For instant impact, choose wildflower turf. Once laid and regularly watered in, the turf will rapidly produce an established meadow without competition from invading weeds.

Like grass turf, wildflower turf requires frequent watering until it is established and rooted – roughly two to four weeks. For the first growing season, it is important to water the turf through extended dry spells, and wildflowers will benefit from watering during very dry periods.

Once established, the wildflower turf will cope well with most weather circumstances, and requires little ongoing maintenance aside from a cut during the late autumn after seedheads have set.

Get in Touch

At 4th Corner, we are proud to create, maintain and manage sustainable landscapes for future generations to enjoy.

The ISO14001 Environmental Management System ensures that we recognise the importance of environmental protection, and that we are committed to operating our business responsibly. Being certified to ISO14001 ensures that we put caring for the environment at the forefront of our business.

Get in touch with 4th Corner Landscaping to meet your biodiversity targets by creating a wildflower meadow on your site.

For more information, contact our Director and Biodiversity Manager, Amanda Ransom, at amanda@4thcorner.co.uk or call 01295 817628.

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