Getting your Lawn Summer-Ready

summer lawn care

Summer is approaching, meaning that you’ll want your lawn to look its best in time for barbecues, garden parties and picnics. This involves aerating, scarifying, and tidying your lawn, helping the grass to regenerate and grow back stronger. Tidying the lawn’s edges will also help to improve its appearance.

Your first cut of the year should be done with the mower blades set high to help thicken the grass. Afterwards, focus on weeding to reduce competition for nutrients and moisture.

Aerate to Prevent Waterlogging

This is particularly important if your lawn has endured heavy rain over winter.

If it’s still squelching, try spiking it with a garden fork every 15cm. You could also buy or hire a hollow-tined aerator that will remove areas of soil. Just sweep sharp river sand into the holes to help the ground dry out and prevent future waterlogging.

Tidy the Edges

Recut edges using a half-moon iron or spade. You could do this by eye, but you’ll get a cleaner result by following the line of a sturdy plank of wood, some taut twine or a snaking hosepipe if you want smooth curves.

Rake the Moss

Use a spring-tined rake to rake moss from lawns to encourage grass to grow more vigorously.

Water the Grass

Water your lawn thoroughly to wash the fertiliser into the soil. This stops it scorching the leaves and lets the roots take it up.

For the rest of the summer, keep up regular maintenance to keep your lawn looking its best. Regular mowing is essential, along with weeding and watering, particularly if we have another dry summer. Keep on top of compacted grass and use fertilisers regularly to encourage the grass to regrow.

4th Corner provide landscaping and grounds maintenance services across the Midlands and South of England. Our staff have extensive experience laying and maintaining turf, and caring for grassy areas.

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