Delays due to Cold Weather

Picture of Frosty Grass in the cold

Although it might look beautiful, frost causes serious problems for landscaping businesses!

Freezing weather can prevent our soft landscaping teams from being able to complete their work. With the weather often remain in single digits throughout February, these delays may become more common in the future, with increasingly harsh weather conditions set to rise due to climate change.

Cold weather and daily frosts, like the -9C temperatures that have been recorded this month, impact every stage of the landscaping process. Our suppliers face issues, like being unable to cut turf for us to lay, and we are unable to plant or prepare ground when it is frozen solid.

But this cold weather doesn’t mean that our teams have been taking a break! The 4th Corner landscaping team have been planting trees and lending a hand to our grounds maintenance department to ensure that we continue to work as efficiently as possible.

And, once the weather gets warmer and the ground begins to soften, our grounds maintenance teams will be repaying the favour and helping soft landscaping to meet their deadlines.

For our clients, please be assured that our soft landscaping team will be in contact to let you know whether there will be delays to your site, and when we will be able to revisit.

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