Campaign to maintain Wild Flowers on our roadside verges

Plantlife Campaign for road verges to be managed better for nature…
Rural road verges are a vital refuge for wild flowers.  Wild flowers support our birds, bees and other wildlife. Some councils are looking after their road verges in a way that benefits nature, but they are in a minority. 

Road verges are home to over 700 species of wild flower – nearly 45% of our UK total flora – including 29 species of wild orchid. As other wild space disappears they become even more important. Bees, butterflies, birds, bats and bugs depend on our verges being properly maintained. 
Plantlife believe that the adoption of a few basic principles will improve verges for nature, bringing benefits for wildlife, for us and for future generations.

Please support the work done by Plantlife to persuade decision makers, councils and highways agencies, to improve the way road verges are maintained.  Find out more about the amzing work this charity is doing at Plantlife.

4th Corner have experience in roadside verge maintenance and managment, and have for example successfully met the requirements of their Grounds Maintenance Contract for  Buckingham Town Council which included: grass cutting on public highways (including the A421 Buckingham Ring Road), footpaths within the town and all open spaces, amenity areas and recreation grounds.  For more information see our Grounds Maintenance page.