We know that our activities impact our environment, and it is our responsibility to minimise the negative impacts of our work and focus on ways to make a positive contribution to our landscapes. 

Practices such as hedge trimming, strimming, grass cutting, and regular weeding can reduce and damage wildlife habitats. Improving established landscapes and landscape development requires careful consideration and expert knowledge.

Having the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System enables 4th Corner to comply with stringent environmental laws and regulations and gives us the knowledge and experience to be able to offer our clients environmentally responsible solutions to landscape maintenance and management.

Since 2012 we have made planting for biodiversity a central theme in all our planting and landscaping projects and we now offer all our clients simple cost-effective ways to improve the biodiversity of their sites through our Biodiversity Packs

Do you want to enhance the biodiversity of your site? Planting an Orchard is a great way to encourage wildlife and improve biodiversity.