4th Corner: BALI Accredited Members

What is BALI?

The British Association of Landscape Industries (BALI) is the leading Trade Association representing all landscape professionals. It is made up of over 900 accredited members – of which we are one! – representing the best landscaping businesses across the country.

Members of BALI are vetted to ensure the highest standards of workmanship, skill, and health and safety practices. They are leaders of an environmentally, ethically, and commercially sustainable landscape services industry.

How did BALI start?

BALI was founded in April 1972, when Jeffrey Bernhard created a dedicated Trade Association for the landscaping industry.

In 1985, a National Vetting Panel was created, along with more stringent procedures to ensure that members of the association met BALI’s standards.

In 1992, they achieved Industry Training Organisation status, launching the Register of Landscape Operatives (ROLO) and Registration of Companies Scheme (ROCS) in 2000.

Now, in 2023, they have just celebrated their 50th Anniversary, launching the National Contractor’s Forum (NCF) to lobby on important issues and challenges within the landscaping sector.

Why are 4th Corner Members?

BALI members must follow strict guidelines, so why are 4th Corner members?

Accredited members of BALI are known to commit to the highest standards of working within the landscape industry. They must follow the BALI Quality standard, which involves:

  • Management Responsibility: Senior management should be committed to quality performance, have a clear customer focus, clearly define responsibilities and authorities to the client and ensure that there is a clear business plan.
  • Resource Management: Personnel should be competent to deliver the organisation’s products and services and arrange appropriate training, education and experience. Infrastructure and equipment must be maintained.
  • Product and Service Delivery: Delivery of the product should be customer focused, products should confirm to the specified requirements and the organisation should take care of customer property.

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